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How to Find a Sugar Momma On Craigslist

You are in search of a sugar mummy and that’s the reason you are here. In this post we will be letting you know how to find a sugar momma on craigslist. This is indeed an interesting one to talk about, and of course you are ready to get this.

We have gotten series of emails from our readers asking us to drop a tutorial on haw they can get contact of sugar mummies on craigslist and here we have it. Take a sit and read up.

Find a Sugar Mommy on Craigslist

It sometimes can be frustrating when you are searching for a sugar momma, you toil from different sugar mama websites and agencies but at the end you are not lucky. What if we show you a method that helps advertise you to rich sugar mummies? That will be nice right?

Craigslist is one place you can get potential sugar mommies, but the problem remains that these sugar mummies do not have the time to post much on craigslist, so what’s the catch? Well we’ll show you how to find a sugar mummy on craigslist, but before then read on.

Here on Sugar Mummy Point, we strive so hard to make sure our loyal readers are satisfied and that is what has been keeping us this long. Getting the right sugar mummy contact and connection is what you want and we give it to you raw just as you want it. Without wasting much time let’s head straight to why we are here.

Tips on How to Find a Sugar Momma on Craigslist

Basically, this tip is practical, and we have sent this tutorial to all our VIP members through their email a few months ago, after we got some testimonies, we decided to share it with you guys. Like I said earlier, rich sugar mommas do not have so much time and will feel lazy to log on to craigslist to advertise themselves. You might be wondering how to go about this. Advertise yourself. Yup! You got that right, this has worked for a lot of our VIP users here.

  1. We always advise that you create a new email for this process, it should match your name on craigslist.
  2. Be simply sincere and straightforward in your writings, let them know exactly what you want and make them know what you have to offer as well.
  3. Make your profile the perfect sugar baby profile, this will get sugar mummies attracted to you already. You won’t believe the kind of magic this can do. It is important you sell yourself to the supposed sugar mummy.
  1. Do not send your full picture until you’ve had a few concrete conversations with her. Send her some pictures and allow her to be in suspense and anxiety to the extent that she will have to do anything to see your picture.
  2. Ask direct questions about their personal lives and their experience as a sugar mummy, also try to ask questions in other to know the rich ones so you get the perfect sugar mummy.
  1. First impressions are one thing that matters, try as much as you can to be friendly and romantic this will leave her with no other option that wanting more of you.
  2. Listen to what your gut has to say about anyone who seems fishy.
  1. Once you start getting replies on your post, kindly take your time to reply, do not rush the, you can take a day or 2 before replying so they do  think you are busy with your life, because a woman wants you the more when you are very busy and seem not to have their time when replying, so remember don’t rush it.
  1. If the answers are one-liners, it’s time to move on don’t waste your time on them.
  2. After this, if she decides to meet you in person, hurray, you just got yourself a sugar momma on craigslist. One thing you must do is to try as much as possible to meet her in a public place no matter what happens or how close you think you both are already.

Hurray! You made it through this lengthy article, hope this tutorial works for you.

Thanks for coming around and do have a wonderful day ahead.


How to get Sugar Mummy Phone Number (Without Agents)

The best way to win in the sugar mummy dating industry is to take action, these are tips to get a sugar mummies phone number all by yourself without an agent. This can in return change your story and free you from financial bondage.

  1. Make sure you always visit to check for new updates as we will keep updating you.
  2. Be nice and well descriptive when describing yourself in the comment section because these sugar mummies read our comment section.
  3. Always remember to drop your phone number and/or email address.
  4. Constantly check your email incase you were contacted by any of these sugar mummies.
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How to get Sugar mummy Online

  1. Don’t try to do anything fishy, you must be very sincere and trust worthy (at least for the sake that you need them to trust you too).
  2. Share this website on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. We are watching you on that.
  3. Register on our website if you haven’t don so here.
  4. Always comment on sugar mummies post on this website, this will give you exposure.

How to get a Sugar mummy Online

  1. It is a known fact that Sugar Mummies are rich and do not think twice while spending on their sugar babies as long as they understand that you love them and care for them. They are very nice, and all you have to do is make them feel and know that you love them.
  2. Your life can be transformed if you get connected with her.
  3. Follow updates on this website as our mission is to make sure all of you get connected to the sugar mummy of your dreams.
  4. Lastly, drop your information in the comment section, and you might be the lucky one she will contact.


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